Custom Template for Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

If you have the need for creating custom server installs, use these 5 steps to make your life easier.

1. Open the Deployment workbench and create a new task sequence. During this setup you will need to set the Task sequence ID and the Task sequence name. I would choice something that is custom and sticks out from the standard task names.

2. Make all your changes to your task sequence, and close the Deployment Workbench.

3. Browse to \\<deploymentshare>\Control\<taskID>\

4. Make a copy of the ts.xml file, and rename it to custom-template.xml. After which, copy the new custom-template.xml to C:\program files\Templates.

5. Right click on the custom-template.xml and choice edit. Change the second line with your own name and description: <sequence version=”3.00? name=” Custom Server Template” description=”Server Template for installing Windows Server Standard Build”>

Next time you walk through the task sequence wizard, your custom task sequence will be available in the drop down menu.

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